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September 2023

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Koppal BJP MP Sanganna Karadi Opens Up About Defection

Sanganna KaradiSanganna Karadi

Koppal: Sanganna Karadi, the BJP MP from Koppal, has come forward to dispel ongoing rumors surrounding his potential defection to the Congress.

Speak to reporters, Sanganna Karadi affirmed his unwavering commitment to the BJP and dismissed any thoughts of switching parties.

He even said that he is considering pledging this commitment in writing using his own blood. He kindly requested members of the media to refrain from raising this question further.

Sanganna Karadi expressed his optimism regarding receiving a BJP ticket once more for the upcoming MP election. He underlined his dedication to the party’s cause, stating that if he doesn’t secure a ticket this time, he will actively support the party’s candidate while remaining steadfastly within the BJP’s fold.

Despite acknowledging recent setbacks, Sanganna Karadi expressed strong confidence in the BJP’s resurgence. He emphasized that the party is on the path of strengthening its organization and anticipates a return to its previous prominence. Addressing another rumor, he clarified that Kushtagi BJP MLA Doddangouda Patil is not planning to leave the party.

Karadi Sanganna was denied BJP ticket to contest, recently concluded Assembly election, the party also denied his request to announce ticket to his son Gavi Siddappa, and eventually, the BJP gave ticket to his daughter-in-law.

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