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KLE Tech University organise a tech talk on “Cybersecurity After COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities For A Safer Cyber Future”

Hubballi: A technical talk on “Cybersecurity After COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities For A Safer Cyber Future” was organized by the Department of Master of Computer Applications, KLE Technological University, recently.

The technical talk was delivered by a highly respected and acclaimed cybersecurity expert in the fields of USA Defence and Canadian Aviation Defence, Dr. Shrinivas Kulkarni. Dr. Kulkarni is Principal Strategic Advisor – Bombardier Aviation and Senior Director – Larsen & Toubro, North America. The guest lecture was attended by the students and faculty members of the university.

The speaker highlighted the impact of COVID 19 on business operations across all domains. The mode of job operation is mainly driven by work from home, posed a threat to accessing company critical information from unsecured homes or outside networks by the employees, thereby demolishing the earlier model of the Castle Moat of operation.

The impact of COVID-19 has increased the MONEY LAUNDERING THROUGH CRYPTOCURRENCIES and Bitcoin became the highest traded – 3 lakh INR (March 2020) to 45 lakhs INR (Nov 2021).

Cybercrimes related to bank scams, COVID-19 scams, identity theft, and dark web sales were increased to their maximum extent during the lockdown periods, and hospitals, clinical trial systems manufacturers, and online portals became new targets for cyberattacks.

There was a sudden rise in the numbers of COVID-19 related cyber-attacks such as: email scams surged by 667%, 90% of newly created coronavirus websites are scams, $600 million paid in ransomware (first half of 2021), 2000% increase in malicious files with keywords – “ZOOM”, “Video Conference” & “Online”, 8.8 Billion records found on sale on the dark-web from May-Aug 2020, Healthcare Institutes became #1 Target for DDOS and ransomware, and 76 billion dollars traded for COVID-19 Tests and PPE Kits on the dark web.

The talk also covered the cybersecurity related statistics in India during 202021.

Most visited websites/Portals in 2020-21 – Zomato, Youtube, Google. co. in, Flipkart /, Bollywood Hungama,,

The most searched for queries on Google were: Indian Premier League, US Presidential Elections, Oxygen Cylinders, Coronavirus, How to make Dalgona coffee Home Medicine/Remedy for COVID, An average of 93 applications are downloaded per smartphone, 17 to 22 portals or websites have the same username/password, 680,000 cases are filed in the central crime registry portal, of which 14,600 are filed into FIR, and the amount of money stolen through cybercrime (as per the complaint filed to ICERT) is 87.62 crores of INR.

At the end of his talk, he briefed the students on the career options in the cyber security domain and the skill sets required.

If one wants to pursue a career in the cyber security domain, one must have the following abilities. (1) Understand Risk Management Concepts, Excellent at Writing policies & Processes, Translating various requirements into explicit controls (2) Able to monitor the anomalies, Quick in response & Agile, Manage work pressure (3) Should be Craving for new technologies, Able to architect things, Have a vision and see the future (4) Strong in implementation,  and getting things done. The concluding remarks of the event were given by Prof. B.L. Desai, Executive Dean, KLE Tech.



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