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KIMS doctors stage protest condemning violence against healthcare professionals

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Hubballi: Condemning the recent attacks on doctors, nurses and other medical staff in various states, the KIMS Doctors Association staged a protest at the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) premises on Friday.

The doctors gathered in front of the KIMS college building, led by the association’s president Dr Rajashekhar Dundaraddy, and the secretary Dr Suresh Huchchannavar to express support to the Indian Medical Association’s call to stage a protest condemning violence against health care workers.

The IMA has called for nationwide protests on Friday, condemning the attacks on doctors and other health care workers reported in many states recently as a ‘protest day’. In response to the IMA’s call, the members attached to KIMSDA staged a protest.

The doctors stated that they have been working in the pandemic despite the risk to their lives and that the medical community has lost over 1,400 doctors to the virus. It is extremely upsetting to see some miscreants assault doctors.

The doctors said that medical professionals who face violence may develop psychological issues such as depression, insomnia, fear, and anxiety.

“As there are certain responsibilities of doctors towards society, similarly, responsibilities also have to be borne by patients and their relatives, political parties, hospital authorities, law-making machinery, government and media see that health care improves and safe working environment is provided for healthcare workers and violence against doctors is strongly dealt with,” the doctors said.

They demanded that more budgets be allocated to the health sector in order to build better health facilities, improve the doctor-patient ratio, and reduce violence related to these factors.

They also urged the government to make strict legal provisions to discourage the practice of assaulting doctors.


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