KIMS doctors save woman’s life by removing rare pericardial cyst

Pericardial cyst
Dr KM Kattimani and team with the patient after the surgery

KIMS doctors perform rare surgery, removes a pericardial cyst from a woman

Hubballi: The doctors of the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) performed a rare surgery and saved the life of a woman by removing a pericardial cyst, a rare type of benign (non-cancerous) cyst that develops in the pericardium, which is the sac-like membrane that surrounds the heart. It is usually filled with fluid.

Doctors team led by Consultant Cardiac Surgeon and Assitant Professor in CVTS Department Dr Khobbanna M Kattimani performed this surgery that lasted for two hours.

Dr Kattimani told that Nilavva, 54, a resident of Kundagol taluk walked into the hospital on February 14 with complaints of cough, swelling in the face, and breathlessness. A cardiac CT scan was performed, and the cyst was visible, he said. The doctor said that the cyst was measuring 15 by 9 cm and was compressing the SVC on its right side; it was putting pressure on the heart, lungs, and other nearby organs, he said.

He said a plan was made to remove the cyst via open-heart surgery. And the patient underwent surgery on February 17; the surgery was successful, and she was discharged on February 19.

Doctor Kattimani added that it is a rare case; pericardial cysts affect one in every 10 lakh people.

He said the patient was poor and in the private hospitals the procedure cost around Rs 4-5 lakh. The reason for the cyst will be determined only once the histopathology report reaches us, he said. It could be congenital progressive or some infections.

The team that performed surgery included anesthesiologist Dr. Tejaswini, perfusionist Manjunath Haveragi, scrub nurse Jyoti, OT technician Satish, post-op nurses Shetty and Channappa, and others.

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