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Killing the time, killing the interaction, killing the creativity: Do you know how much time you spend on your smartphone?

Smartphone misuse and addiction are becoming difficult to manage since most students, whether college or high school students are glued to apps available on smartphones such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and the like. The first of its sympathetic learning findings is that our children, students, and adults check their phones around 150 times each day and spend a considerable amount of time on their smartphones.


Furthermore, people all around us are increasingly using smartphones for non-functional or non-calling purposes, such as accessing social networking sites, conducting Google searches, and engaging in entertainment activities such as watching movies on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms.

Prof Priyanka 123

By Prof.Priyanka Richard

Today’s teens, born in the 1990s and dubbed the “i-generation” or even the “4g generation,” are the most connected generation in history. I gave them the name 4igen. These 4iGen teenagers are digital natives who have grown up in an era of rapid technological advancement. They have never known a world without the Internet and ready access to technology. Parents of 4iGen youngsters, on the other hand, are “digital immigrants.”

Online connection

The urge to be connected online has become permanent, thanks to the proliferation of social networking platforms. However, this digital addiction is now posing a number of health risks to everyone’s pleasure. As technology becomes more widely available, the hazards of digital reliance grow more apparent and disturbing. It is not difficult to describe digital dependence. The earliest indications of dependence include obsessive message checking or online surfing without even being aware of it.

Gadget addiction

“Smartphone usage might be a symptom of smartphone addiction,” says Gadget Addiction. Gadget addiction has become a common and captivated technology-related habit, which we forget has a lot of bad consequences when practised and subsequently worries in our personal as well as professional life, giving confrontational results.

Happy to type

It appeared to be a weird scenario, but it wasn’t. When nuclear families, joint families, all sitting in the living room and busy with their favourite devices, haven’t spoken anything in half an hour, all grins on their cellphones, a few chuckling, a few emotions recorded, a few typing, a few reading, and the show is on… without notice of time.

These higher-end phones killed the important discussions, time, and enjoyment of families and people when this scene was repeated multiple times during the week. People have ceased wishing and communicating on birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions since mobile phones have damaged the rate of communication. A professionally designed greeting card is delivered over WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

mobile addiction 123

Many families, friends, students, and teachers have begun communicating in groups via WhatsApp and have ceased communicating face to face. It’s become a source of pride for us that we’re all happier typing than interacting and conversing in person.

There was a time when we would go to the shops with our parents on all occasions to shop, but as these higher-end phones have made it easy to access for shopping online while sitting at home, our needs are delivered, along with health threats, which make life simple but yet destroy us in a broader sense.


These mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily life. We’ve become gadget junkies. We have all become MOBIHOLICS, just as an alcoholic or a drug addict cannot stay gone for a few minutes a day. We even sleep with our phones beneath our pillows. We utilise them as a source of pride in our kitchens to SHOWCASE TALENT IN COOKING & POSTING RECIPES, DISHES WE DO, and even in our restrooms to pass the time. Students are virtually constantly engaged with numerous applications throughout the day when their time might be employed for a variety of other purposes. They have begun talking with the faculty on their own windows or in groups for guidance, recommendations, and questions about studies.

mobile add 1234

A smartphone, a smart refrigerator, digital cameras, online food, countless devices for every worry, digitalized fitness centres that are completely routed to a digitalized device, “ALEXA,” and a few others to list. Students’ reliance on mobile devices has developed into a behavioural addiction. In their daily lives, they embrace disturbances. Sleeping problems, low attention levels, uneasiness, anxiety, and total self-centeredness have resulted from an obsessive fixation with fast-moving applications and usage.

(The article will continue.)

The next topic is the true 4G.

Author: Prof Priyanka Richard is Head Of Department -BBA in Global College Hubballi.

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