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September 2023

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Key Agendas for Modi-Biden Meeting: GE Jet Engine Deal, 5G, and More

New Delhi: National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, discussed the upcoming bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden. Sullivan highlighted that the meeting would address various important issues:

  • The GE jet engine deal.
  • The procurement of predator drones.
  • Matters related to 5G and 6G spectrum.
  • Collaboration on critical and emerging technologies.
  • Progress in the civil nuclear sector.

While not confirming reports of a major rail deal between the US, India, and Arab countries, Sullivan emphasized that connectivity from India to Europe via the Middle East holds significant economic and strategic potential for all involved nations. However, he refrained from making any immediate announcements regarding this initiative.

Regarding the possibility of a joint statement by G20 member countries, Sullivan expressed readiness on the part of the US to contribute but could not predict the outcome. He cited Ukraine and differences over climate issues as potential stumbling blocks. Some oil-producing countries have specific language preferences related to climate discussions, while others aim for more ambitious goals. Sullivan criticized attempts by China to link access to technology with climate change discussions, emphasizing the need to address the climate crisis independently and without leveraging unrelated issues.

Sullivan concluded by stating that the US would not engage in the game of linking climate issues to unrelated matters, a stance shared by other countries as well, as they seek to prioritize climate action without it being held hostage to unrelated agendas.

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