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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Keshwapur police nab a gang of thieves stealing old bikes

Keshwapur PoliceKeshwapur police with seized vehicles

Hubballi: the Keshwapur police have solved the bike theft incidents that were occurring often close to the Railway Union office on Gadag Road by arresting three accused.

After obtaining permission from higher officials, Keshwapur Inspector Jagadish Hanchanal increased the special patrolling of his staff and the checking of suspicious vehicles to solve this, and his team’s efforts eventually yielded the result.

On Thursday evening (December 1), the police intervened three motorists, and they did not respond properly to the routine inquiry. They were taken to the station, and during questioning, the accused confessed that they had lifted nine bikes, which the police were able to seize.

Hanchanal said that the accused, all Hubballi residents, used to lift the old bikes, thinking that the owners might not have proper documents for the vehicles and that they were easy to lift using duplicate keys. These bikes were used by the accused to transport stolen steel from the railway department.

The police said that the total worth of the seized bikes was Rs 3 lakh. PSIs Sadashiv Kanatti, KV Chandavarkar, staff Krishna Kattimani, MD Kalawad, RN Gudadari, Anand Pujar, Vittal Madar, Mahaling Baligidad, FH Nadaf, FS Ragi, SS Kariyankannavar, HR Rampur, and Sunil Pujari were part of the team.

Police Commissioner Labhu Ram praised the Keshwapur police for their work, and DCPs Sahil Bagla and Gopal Byakod congratulated the team.

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