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October 2023

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Karnataka Govt Explores Launching State-Owned Airline Minister MB Patil

MB Patil
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Karnataka’s Infrastructure Minister, MB Patil, has unveiled plans for the state government to establish its own airline as part of a broader strategy to enhance regional connectivity.

Additionally, the government intends to expand its aviation infrastructure by constructing new airports and heliports in key locations like Kodugu, Hampi, Chikkamagaluru, and Dharmasthal.

“We are collaborating with a highly experienced former Air India employee to outline the necessary investments and requirements for launching a government-owned airline,” stated Patil.

He estimated that procuring a new aircraft would require approximately Rs 200 crore. If the government opts for a fleet of three airplanes, the total cost would be Rs 600 crore.

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Patil suggested that leasing aircraft might be a more cost-effective approach. He emphasized that Rs 600 crore is a manageable expenditure for the government.

Furthermore, Patil discussed the formation of the Karnataka Airports and Airlines Authority, which would oversee airport operations within the state.

He clarified that while the land of existing airports had been transferred to the Airports Authority of India, all future airports in Karnataka would be operated by the state government. He cited the example of Shivamogga airport, which is currently under state control and management.

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