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June 2023

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Karnataka Assembly Elections: Exit Polls Predict Close Contest and Hung Assembly

Vote 1People standing in a queue to cast their votes in a polling booth in HD Central constituency

Exit polls indicate a tight race between the Congress and BJP, with a possibility of a hung Assembly. The BJP is relying on a strong campaign led by PM Modi, while the Congress hopes for a comeback before the 2024 Assembly polls. In 2018, most exit polls predicted a hung assembly, with the JD(S) expected to be the kingmaker. Voter turnout was recorded at 65.69% by 5 PM.

Multiple exit polls have predicted a closely contested election in Karnataka, with a possibility of a hung assembly.

Times Now-ETG predicts 16 seats for BJP and 3 for Congress in coastal Karnataka, with no seats predicted for JD(S).

According to Asianet Suvarna-Jan Ki Baat, BJP is expected to win 94-117 seats, while Congress is predicted to win 91-106 seats. JD(S) is expected to come in third with 14-24 seats.

Meanwhile, Zee News Matrize Agency gives an edge to Congress, predicting 103-118 seats for them, while BJP is expected to win 79-94 seats and JD(S) 25-33 seats.

TV9 Bharatvarsh-Polstrat and Republic TV-P MARQ predict a hung assembly, with BJP expected to win 88-100 and 85-100 seats respectively, while Congress is predicted to win 99-109 and 94-108 seats respectively. JD(S) is expected to win 21-26 and 24-32 seats in these polls.

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