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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Joshi criticizes Congress’s promise of banning Bajarang Dal says the party is against Hindus

Union Minister Pralhad JoshiUnion Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mines and Coal Pralhad Joshi ( Hubli Express photo)

Hubballi: Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mines and Coal, Pralhad Joshi, has criticized the Congress party for promising to ban the Bajarang Dal, a Hindu organization, in its election manifesto. According to Joshi, this promise demonstrates that the Congress party is against Hindus and Hindu society.

Joshi condemned the Congress party’s manifesto, which includes a promise to ban both the PFI and the Bajarang Dal. He argued that this comparison between a patriotic organization (Bajarang Dal) and a radical organization (PFI) is highly condemnable. Joshi described the Bajarang Dal as a patriotic organization that serves the country selflessly, while the PFI is an anti-national organization linked to terrorist groups.

Joshi accused the Congress party of engaging in appeasement politics, and suggested that the people of Karnataka will respond accordingly on May 10. He also criticized the Congress party’s track record on promises made in previous state elections, stating that they have a history of making empty promises.

Joshi also questioned the Congress party’s double standards on providing unemployment allowances to youth. He pointed out that the same Siddaramaiah had opposed a similar proposal during the Dharam Singh government, and questioned why the people should believe their promises now.

Joshi raised question with the Congress party’s promise to build a cultural center for Kashmiri Pandits, arguing that the party is responsible for the present situation faced by the community.

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