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Join Suchirayu Hospital’s Yoga-A-Thon and get voucher for a free heart checkup worth Rs 3,500

Hubballi: Suchirayu Hospital, in association with Patanjali Yoga Peeth, Hubballi, has organised a Yoga-A-Thon drive intending to create awareness about heart disease on September 29.

The event will begin at 7 a.m. at the Railway Sports Ground, Railway Colony, near Keshwapur Circle. Participants would get a heart check-up coupon worth Rs 3,500, said the hospital. For registration, contact: 89714-72267.

Yoga Guru Bhawarlal Arya, quoting eminent experts, said, “Yoga can help prevent cardiovascular diseases that have significantly gone up due to poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, wrong diet, and increased stress, and may develop into an epidemic in India in the coming decade.”

Dr. Sharan Hallad, Consultant Senior Cardiac Surgeon, warned that India will replace all western nations to be the country with the largest number of heart diseases in the coming decade. With an epidemic of diabetes and hypertension, India is slated to be the world’s cardiovascular disease capital, said to highlight how yoga can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, including heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, to name a few, can be prevented by yoga, he said.

Dr. Amit Sattur, Consultant Cardiologist, said, “Stress is the principal killer and Yoga, by balancing the autonomic nervous system, negates stress and its bad effects.”

The hospital introduces OCT

The hospital has introduced a new update technology in the North Karnataka called Optical Coherence Tomography in Cardiology. OCT is an optical analog of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), used to examine the coronary arteries. Ultrasound employed for IVUS examination is replaced by near-infrared light with a wavelength of about 1,300 nm, which is absorbed by red blood cells, water, lipids, and protein at relatively low levels.

According to doctors, OCT is an imaging modality that can be expected to become increasingly popular in the future for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with symptomatic or asymptomatic coronary artery disease.

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