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June 2023

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Jagadish Shettar: Congress Leaders Recognize My Impact

Jagadish ShettarCongress candidate Jagadish Shettar is campaigning in Rajeshwari Nagar in ward number 52 in Hubballi (FILE PHOTO)

Bengaluru: Former CM Jagadish Shettar revealed that Congress party leaders including AICC chief Mallikarjun Kharge have acknowledged the positive impact of his joining the party. Shettar stated that they have assured him of their support and respect.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Shettar mentioned that although nobody discussed his inclusion in the cabinet, he is willing to serve the party in any capacity assigned to him.

Shettar also shared that several Congress leaders, including Dr. G Parameshwara, Dinesh Gundurao, Venugopal, Kondajji Mohan, and others, have paid him courtesy visits and expressed that his entry into the party has had a favorable effect.

Highlighting the situation within the BJP, Shettar pointed out that a significant number of Lingayat leaders left the party due to a perceived lack of respect towards them. The Lingayat community, he explained, began distancing themselves from the BJP, as leaders like Laxman Savadi, VS Patil, Mohan Limbikai, UB Banakar, and Tammaiah felt mistreated and chose to quit. Shettar believed that this adversely impacted the BJP.

Expressing his confusion, Shettar questioned the decision to remove BS Yediyurappa, the tallest leader of the Lingayat community, from the post of CM. He stated that Yediyurappa could have led the party in this election, and removing him raised concerns among the Lingayat community. Shettar expressed frustration that his concerns regarding Yediyurappa’s removal were not heard.

Regarding his own election loss, Shettar attributed it to the concerted efforts of the entire BJP community, both at the state and national levels, who focused on defeating him. However, he emphasized that their tactics resulted in the BJP losing the entire state, solely for the purpose of defeating him.

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