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June 2023

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It is defeat of PM Modi, Amit Shah and Nadda: Siddaramaiah


Siddaramaiah, the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, has proclaimed that the recent victory of the Congress party in the Karnataka Election is a triumph for the people and a defeat for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and BJP national president JP Nadda.

Despite extensive campaigning by Modi, Shah, and Nadda, they failed to win a clear mandate, according to Siddaramaiah. He claimed that he had previously informed the public that no matter how many times Modi and Shah visited the states, they would not win, and the people have now rejected the corrupt BJP government due to their maladministration.

Siddaramaiah also pointed out that those who had switched sides after winning the last election with Congress and were involved in Operation Kamala had been taught a lesson. Despite the BJP’s attempt to win this election through monetary power, they suffered a major defeat.

According to Siddaramaiah, this election result was critical and will serve as a milestone for the Congress party, which will bounce back in the Lok Sabha election. The outcome of this election will decide the direction for the Lok Sabha election. Siddaramaiah also claimed that the Congress party’s guarantees were mocked by the BJP, but they were very clear and achievable. The CLP meeting will be held tomorrow to elect the new CLP leader, he added.

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