Is Siddaramaiah planning to contest the election from Kushtagi?


Koppal: As the Assembly elections are fast approaching, political pundits or people who are interested in political events are very curious to know from which Assembly constituency the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, Siddaramaiah, will contest.

Recently, Siddaramaiah’s son, Dr. Yathindra, met a delegation of people from Badami constituency and said that his father may not contest from the Badami Assembly constituency as Badami is far away from Bengaluru and he was finding it really difficult to visit the constituency regularly. If Dr Yathindra’s words are taken into consideration, then Siddaramaiah may not contest once again from Badami.

A few days ago, Koppal reporters asked Koppal MLA Raghvendra Hitnal whether he would vacate the constituency for him. Hitnal stated that if Siddaramaiah expressed a desire to run for the Koppal Assembly seat, he would gladly vacate the seat for him.

The same question was asked by the reporters to Kushtagi MLA Amaregouda Bayyapur, and he also said the same. But Siddaramaiah’s close aides said he may not contest the election from Koppal district.

But local sources in the Koppal district said that Siddaramaiah was really not interested in contesting elections from these two seats. And all the news doing the rounds on social media or the media is baseless.

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