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Is it time for the Synergia 21 event attendees to undergo the Covid test?

Hubballi: A national-level undergraduate medical conference was held last week at the Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), and a few students from SDM Medical College were believed to have participated.

A few KIMS doctors have stated their worry that all students and participants should be subjected to a COVID test for the benefit of all.

According to a doctor, “Whatever happened in SDM is unfortunate. The mode in which the Covid infection spread during that event is being investigated. Let us not argue about it. A similar type of event, comparable to SDM, was recently held at KIMS, and thankfully, no students or other participants displayed the symptoms. To be on the safe side, all participants should provide swabs; there is no risk in doing so.”

Another doctor stated that after six days, not a single student who was part of Synergia had displayed the symptoms. Participants in the event who exhibit the symptoms should be tested; otherwise, there is no need for mass testing on campus, said the doctor.

Dr. Ramalingappa Antartani, Director of KIMS, revealed that after learning about the SDM Institute event, a few students had already undergone testing and they tested negative. “We’ve asked the students and other participants to keep an eye out for signs,” he explained.

Dr. Ramalingappa told that the event was conducted by following all the Covid protocols, maintaining social distance.


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