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In the district around 1.30 lakh, people have yet to take their second dose of Covid vaccine

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As the number of COVID-19 cases declines, those who have already taken the first dosage of the COVID vaccination are delaying the second dose. Around 1.30 lakh people in the Dharwad district have yet to receive their second dose, according to statistics collected by the Health Department.

People have been receiving aggressive calls from the health department urging them to take their second dose. Even after the due day, people do not take their second dose. The main explanation for this is that people are less concerned about COVID now that the number of cases is declining and vaccination has become the last choice.

People make flimsy explanations when the health department calls for the second dose, said an officer requesting anonymity.

As of November 11, District RCH Officer Dr. SM Honakeri revealed that about 85% of people in the district had received their first dose. He claimed that as of November 11, in the district, 12, 33, 609 people had taken their first dose and 6, 09, 485 had taken two doses. There are 14.44 lakh eligible beneficiaries in the district.

According to an officer, the government is pushing efforts like ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ (knock on every door) for vaccine inoculation to address low second-dose vaccination coverage. In the district also, health department staff visit the areas where the vaccine coverage is less and inoculate the people.


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