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In Koppal, a Covid-infected lady discharge from the hospital after 158 days.

Koppal: A 44-year-old woman infected with the Covid infection was finally able to fight it and walk out of the hospital after 158 days of treatment.

In the month of July, a lady from Yalaburga taluk was admitted to the Koppal Institute of Medical Sciences in Koppal. When she was admitted to the hospital, her saturation level was barely 66 percent, and she was suffering typical COVID symptoms.

KIMS Medical Superintendent Dr. Venugopal K stated that when the lady arrived at the hospital, she was having serious breathing difficulties, with lungs damaged about 90 percent and was not sustaining saturation level with high flow oxygen, therefore the physicians opted to put her on a ventilator.

She was not diabetic or hypertensive, but she was overweight. She was on a ventilator for 104 days before exhibiting signs of improvement. She was no longer on the ventilator, but she still needed one or two liters of oxygen. Dr. Venugopal stated that she had been breathing on room air for a few minutes.

Because she required oxygen, doctors advised her family members to use an oxygen concentrator, and the family was instructed on how to use the concentrator. Local doctors monitor her health on a regular basis, and she will be examined again by KIMS doctors, he said.

Dr. Venugopal thanked everyone who helped her recover, including medicine department head Dr. Umesh Rajur, Dr. Srinivas, pulmonologist Dr. Saleem, nursing personnel, paramedics, and group D employees.

He also extended his gratitude to the KIMS Director and the district administration.

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