In Hubballi, a youth allegedly tried to kill himself in a police station


Hubballi: On Thursday evening, a youth allegedly attempted suicide by turning the blade on himself in the police station. However, higher police officers stated they were unaware of the incident.

The alleged incident occurred at the Old Hubballi police station. According to a senior police officer, the youth, who was around 26 years old, was inebriated when he went to a hotel, had meals but refused to pay the bill and began arguing with hotel staff. He was taken to the Old Hubballi police station by hotel staff. The youth, who had a blade in his pocket, turned it on him while the staff was speaking with the police. He escaped with only a minor cut, and they immediately shifted him to KIMS Hospital.

According to the senior police officer, neither the youth nor the hotel staff had filed a complaint. When reached out to Police Commissioner Labhu Ram, he stated he was unaware of the incident. Many officers were hesitant to share details about the alleged incident. A few police staff claimed that the incident happened just outside the police station compound.

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