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June 2023

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IMA Nationwide Protest: Hubballi Branch Joins Fight Against ‘Right to Health Bill’

'Right to Health BillIMA Hubballi branch doctors staging protest on the steps of Mini Vidhan Soudha against Rajasthan Government's 'Right to Health Bill'

Hubballi: On Monday, doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Hubballi branch staged a protest against the Rajasthan government’s ‘Right to Health Bill’. This nationwide protest was initiated by the IMA, and the doctors wearing black badges gathered in front of the Mini Vidhan Soudha and raised slogans against the bill.

The doctors strongly condemned the Rajasthan police’s attack on the doctors who were peacefully protesting against the Right to Health Bill. They expressed that the purpose of the demonstration was to protect the public’s health. They emphasized that it is the responsibility of the state to provide quality healthcare to its citizens free of charge and that any attempt to dilute this would have a negative impact on public health. Additionally, burdening the already strained private healthcare sector would further damage the system and potentially lead to the closure of such institutions.

The doctors urged the Rajasthan government to consider all views and hold wide-ranging discussions with all stakeholders, particularly the medical community, before implementing such a bill that would have such a significant impact on the public. They also requested that the Rajasthan government hold immediate discussions with the state unit of IMA to find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing protests in Rajasthan.

The doctors expressed that the entire medical fraternity in the country is disturbed and concerned about the treatment of medical professionals in Rajasthan. They called for urgent attention and action in this regard.

Later, the doctors submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan through the Hubballi Tahsildar.

President IMA Hubballi, Dr SG Babruwad, secretary, Dr Vivek Patil, Dr V B Nitali, Dr Ramesh Babu, Dr Yalamali, Dr Srinath Mugali, Dr Rajendra Duggani, Dr Suresh Korlahalli, Dr Sunil Jituri, Dr Shashikala Hosmani, Dr Bhandari, Dr J.D.Patel, Dr Byakodi, Dr Jagadish , Dr Belagaumkar and others were present.

What is Right to Health Bill?

On March 21, Rajasthan became the first state in India to pass the Right to Health Bill, which guarantees every resident access to emergency treatment and care without upfront payment. The bill covers all public health institutions, healthcare establishments, and designated healthcare centers, and if a patient cannot pay for the services after emergency care, the government will reimburse the healthcare provider, said the sources.

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