I feel like I am in a fair not in a hospital : Savadi


Belagavi: “I am a feeling like I am in a fair not in a hospital” these are the words of Deputy Chief Minister Laxman Savadi after paying a surprise visit to Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS).

“Everything is not right in BIMS. The doctors and the hospital administration are not working in tandem. The officials feeling like they are in another world but I know how to bring them to the real world,” said Savadi.

“I have seen many ICUs and but BIMS ICU is different, here attendees stay with patients, they hang the clothes to dry, keep clothes on the beds. Overall, the ICU doesn’t look like ICU,” thundered the deputy chief minister.

When DCM visited the Covid ward, he found a deceased body was kept in the ward without handing it over to relatives. The staff of the ward had an earful from the minister for their negligence in doing their duty.

” You people are thick-skinned. I don’t know, In which language I have to explain to you people. I have already warned about the failed system here. I have received many complaints about the hospitals despite this the hospital administration failed to rectify the mismanagement,” Savadi told the BIMS director in a louder tone.


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