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Hubballi: Women steal gold bangles from jewellery showroom

Hubballi: Just a few days after a group of women and children stole gold bars from a gold ornament-making shop in Ghantikeri police station limits, a similar kind of incident happened in Town police station limits, but this time two burqa-clad women have stolen gold bangles worth Rs 2.12 from a reputed jewellery showroom.

The incident happened on November 18 but came to light two days later. The Town police said that two women wearing burqas visited the jewellery store in U-Mall on Coen Road under the pretext of buying bangles. The staff of the showroom was showing the bangles. When the salesperson bent down to take other bangles to show them, the women stole two bangles, replaced them with duplicate bangles, and went away buying nothing.

The incident came to light when the staff found two bangles without price tags. The staff checked the CCTV footage and found that the women were stealing the gold bangles and replacing them with duplicates having the same design. Each bangle weighed approximately 21 grams and was priced at Rs 1.06.

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