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October 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Hubballi Traffic Inspector Jackson Dsouza and Team Fill Potholes Left Untouched by Civic Authorities

Inspector Jackson Dsouza Inspecting the pothole filling work in the city on Wednesday
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Hubballi: The persistent rainy weather has taken a toll on the city’s roads, worsening their already deteriorating condition. Despite the limited efforts made by the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) or Hubballi-Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL), recent rains have undone their work.

The prolonged rainfall has resulted in the emergence of potholes resembling deep craters on the roads, posing a serious threat to motorists. As the city’s civic authorities, responsible for maintaining the roads, seemed inactive, the local police have stepped in to address the issue.

Under the leadership of East Traffic Inspector Jackson Dsouza, a team of policemen has taken the initiative to fill the large potholes that have been causing inconvenience to two-wheeler riders. These potholes were particularly evident near Pinto Circle, Sharada Circle, Chennamma Circle, and Lamington Road.

Inspector Dsouza shared his motivation, revealing that his personal experience of back pain due to the poor road conditions inspired him to take action. Witnessing the challenges faced by two-wheeler riders due to the hazardous potholes, he and his team decided to intervene. Initially, they considered filling the potholes with soil, but concerns about rain causing further issues led them to opt for a concrete mix instead, preventing slippery surfaces and ensuring a more lasting solution.

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