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Hubballi Town police solve ragpicker murder case

Hubballi: The Town police have solved the rag-picker murder case that was reported just a few days ago. The police said to have apprehended an accused who is from Dharwad.

Sources said that with the arrest of the accused, the Town police have solved two murder cases.

According to the police, the accused used to target the homeless people sleeping on the sides of roads and footpaths in open places. He used to snatch away money from them after assaulting them.

The accused had allegedly killed a rag picker who was sleeping on the steps of a shop near Nehru Stadium in the wee hours of Saturday. The police who visited the spot did not get any clues. The police started their investigation and got electronic evidence against the accused.

The police, who put their heart and soul into the case, left no stone unturned to solve it. The police literally roamed the streets, displaying photos of the accused to the public in the hope that someone would recognise the accused.

Finally, the Town police got a break from a person from whom they did not expect a positive response. A person identified the accused and revealed his whereabouts, and the police nabbed him in Dharwad.

When they started the inquiry into the accused, he confessed to the crime. Sources said that the accused might have been involved in a similar murder case that happened in the Town Police Station area a few months ago.

Police Commissioner Labhu Ram said he hailed the efforts of policemen who solved the blind murder case. He said that with the help of electronic evidence, the case was solved.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Sahil Bagla said that the police worked very hard to solve the case. It was the effort of the police inspector and ACP and their team, he said.

Hubballi Town police are searching for the first clue in a blind murder case.

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