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Hubballi Town police are searching for the first clue in a blind murder case.

Hubballi: She was a ragpicker. In Hubballi, she had no relatives. She used to stay over at public places such as bus stops, train stations, and sidewalks. She had nothing and knew no one in town. Despite the fact that she had been residing in the city for the last 11 months, she was murdered. Miscreants killed her mercilessly while she was fast asleep.

On Saturday, another murder happened in Hubballi, when a rag picker was found murdered near Nehru Stadium. The Town police have opened an investigation and are working hard to apprehend the accused. But who was the accused? and why was she murdered? These questions have yet to be answered, and the police are also looking for the answers.

The ragpicker murder case is nothing more than a blind murder case in which the police have no idea what happened. They investigated CCTV cameras for footage but were unable to obtain clear video since the cameras were too far away and did not record a high-quality image. The cops detained her “husband,” Ramanna, but he refused to confess to the murder.

They are seeking potential leads in order to solve the case. The authorities ruled out murder for gain because she had no money or jewellery on her body. The cops also ruled out a rape attempt. A dog squad was called in, however, the canines failed to provide an initial lead in this case.

So, what could be the reason for the murder? That is the question that has been bothering the cops. The victim, Suma Suresh, 38, is from Shivamogga, according to the police, and they are looking for her family members. According to police, the victim’s husband was not her legally married husband; they were simply living together, and that person did not know much about her family.

Inspector Anand Onakudre is in charge of the investigation and is confident that the murder case will be solved.

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