Hubballi: Tiranga Wapasi by Congress tomorrow


Hubballi: The Congress leaders have decided to return the defective tri-colours distributed by the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation to the Corporators to its commissioner tomorrow (August 13).

Speaking to media people after showing the defective flags to them, Congress leaders Deepak Chinchore and Rajat Ullagaddimath alleged that the HDMC gave these defective flags to its ward corporators to distribute them to each household in their wards as part of the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign.

Both leaders alleged that more than 70 percent of the flags distributed by the HDMC were defective. And HDMC blindly accepted these flags and started distributing them.

Many flags provided by the HDMC were not manufactured in accordance with the flag code; almost all flags have no dimension prescribed by the flag code, many flags have dull colors; a few have holes; and a few were manufactured on dirty clothes, he claimed. On a few flags, Ashoka Chakra is in an oval shape, and were printed on the edge of the flag, he claimed.

He said that HDMC provided these flags to 34 Congress corporators, and each corporator has received around 1,000 flags, and the Congress corporators brought this issue to the Congress leadership. Hence, the Congress leadership decided to return the defective flags to the HDMC Commissioner tomorrow, said Rajat.

He also urged residents of twin cities to buy Khadi-made national flags and hoist them on top of their houses instead of polyester-made or machine-made flags.

Deepak Chinchore alleged that it was negligence on the part of HDMC; he said the HDMC should have checked the flag quality.

Congress corporators handed over faulty flags to the Mayor

Congress corporators and Rajat Ullagaddimath showed the faulty flags to Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri and handed over a flag to him as well. Iresh Anchatgeri questioned the Congress delegation, as to why they are handing over these flags to him. The Congress leaders replied as the HDMC distributed them.

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