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Hubballi Stone Man Murders: Police Commissioner says they will intensify their investigation.

Hubballi: Police Commissioner Labhu Ram has said that they have arrested an accused in connection with a ragpicker’s murder case. With his arrest, the police have solved another murder case that happened in the Hubballi Town police station limits in the year 2020.

Labhu Ram said that the accused had allegedly killed a person in a similar way, how he killed the ragpicker woman.

Ram said that the Town police solved this murder case within four days. The case, which was blind was solved by the intense effort of the police team led by DCP Sahil Bagla,  Inspector Anand M. Onakudre.

The accused had stoned to death a ragpicker who was sleeping on the footpath near Krishna Bhavan in the city. He also assaulted one person who was sleeping on the same footpath and stole away Rs 3,000 from him.

Ram said the accused confessed that he also killed a person in a similar way who was sleeping in front of the Kamat Hotel in the month of July 2020. Ram also promised that they would look into other murder cases with similar modus operandi reported in the twin cities. He said the accused is now in police custody and more details of the other offences, if he had committed, would be revealed to the media later.

” We have intensified our investigation, it is too early to say anything whether he was involved in other cases (murder)or not. We will reveal it to the media once the investigation gets completed,” said Commissioner.

DCP (Law and Order) Sahil Bagla, DCP (Crime and Traffic) Dr. Gopal Byakod, ACP (South) RK Patil, Inspector Anand M Onakudare, and others were present.

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