Hubballi: Stay Safe with City Police Rounds Against Anti-Social Elements!

Police Patrolling against Anti-Social Elements
The police doing rounds as a part of new initiative launched by the commissionerate

Hubballi: The new Police Commissioner, Raman Gupta, has introduced a new system to keep anti-social elements at bay and instil confidence among the public.

Under this new system, the Karnataka State Reserve Police and City Armed Reserve Police do daily rounds in the city, and they will also be joined by the staff of the respective police station. The main intention of the foot patrolling by the police is to send a message to the rowdy elements that the police would deal with them harshly if they tried to mar the peace and tranquillity of the city. And prevent them from indulging in illegal activities.

Police Commissioner Raman Gupta said that this move would definitely help the police achieve the desired result of keeping bad elements of society at bay. The rounds by the police help the public to feel safe and give them confidence that the police are with them always.

In the last year and a half, the city, particularly Old Hubballi, has seen repeated incidents of stabbing and murder for trivial reasons, and these incidents have caused public concern.

Previous Police Commissioner Labhu Ram had launched many initiatives, like group patrolling and enhancing foot patrolling by the staff of the police stations, but the initiative did not live long, and the short-term efforts did not yield any results.

Raman Gupta, the new Police Commissioner, appears dynamic, and he has been making every effort to keep the anti-social elements at bay since the day he took office. The commissioner is also working on traffic issues. The traffic police have launched a campaign against reckless driving, bikes with modified silencers, and defective number plates. Errant autorickshaw drivers

It is obvious that the new police commissioner is likely to bring many initiatives and measures to ease traffic and make the city safe.

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Hubballi City Police Send Strong Message to Rowdy Elements Ahead of Assembly Polls, Conduct a Parade

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