Hubballi: Routine vehicle checking led to detection of crime

The bike seized by the Gokul Road police

Hubballi: While on regular duty on Wednesday, the Gokul Road police solved two housebreaking theft cases. The team, led by Inspector JM Kalimirchi, was usually patrolling when they observed three youngsters riding a Splendor bike with no registration plate. The team caught the youth, but two of them fled as soon as they stopped the bike, but they caught one.

During the search of the bike, the police discovered a few things that are commonly used in housebreaking thefts. He admitted to being engaged in a recent housebreaking theft in the Twin Cities during questioning. The cops confiscated the Splendor bike that the youth rode. It came to light they had stolen from a residential area.

The items routinely used in house-breaking theft seized by the police from the arrested youth

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