Hubballi: Protesters march in the dark, holding mashals, to protest the lack of street lights


Hubballi: Residents of Vidyanagar, those living near KIMS Hospital, and Congress leaders marched in a pitch-dark area of the city on Thursday evening to bring attention to a pressing issue.

Protesters staged a torchlight march on the main road connecting Cotton Market and the KIMS back gate. To mock the inefficiency of the local corporators, Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation, local MLA and MP, protesters hung torches from a pole.

It’s been a long time since the entire area went dark after sunset every day. According to one of the protesters, officials did not bother to replace or repair the damaged street lights.

They claimed it was a well-known road. Many patients and their attendants use this road to get to KIMS Hospital, one of the largest government hospitals in this part of Karnataka, but the lack of street lights forces many to take alternate routes.

Congress leader Rajat Ullagaddimath claimed that the problem is the result of HDMC and local MLA who are unconcerned about the city. After sunset, the entire area is enveloped in darkness. Locals, particularly women and the elderly, are afraid to go out in the evening. The absence of street lights may increase the risk of illegal activities and crimes such as chain snatching or other crimes. He speculated that anti-social elements might take advantage of the darkness here.

According to Rajat, the HDMC claims to be in the process of replacing conventional lighting systems with LED lights, but this is not happening, and the LED lights that have already been installed are of poor quality.

Corporator Suvarna Kallakuntla stated that she had difficulty entering KIMS Hospital through its back gate on Wednesday night. She stated that one of her relatives had died the night before and that she took this route to get to the hospital, but after getting halfway, she returned and took another route.

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Street lights problem

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