Hubballi: Protest against alleged religious conversion

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Hubballi: On Tuesday, members of the Sikkalgar community protested against alleged religious conversions carried out by a few Christian missionaries. They met the police inspector of Old Hubballi Station and demanded that stern action be taken against them immediately and that a case has to be filed against those missionaries under the Anti-Conversion Law.

A Hindu activist told that the Sikkalgar community was upset as some Christian missionaries had been involved in religious conversion in seven tandas (residential areas of the community) in the city for the last few years. And a few of the members of the community already accepted Christianity, and they further luring others to accept it. These missionaries, under the guise of offering better facilities and other benefits, were converting Sikkalgar community members to Christianity, the activist said.

He also said that they demanded the Old Hubballi Station Police Inspector take action against 21 people, including 10 pastors. These pastors were from the Sikkalgar community, and after accepting the religion, they became pastors, allegedly forcefully executing religious conversion. The police inspector was asked to file an FIR, and they are in the process of registering it, he said.

DCP Sahil Bagla said that the community members have given a petition, and the police will inquire about it. “If anything is found to register an FIR, then the police will definitely register a case,” he said.

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