Hubballi Police Fine 100+ Motorists for Defective Silencers and Number Plates

Defective Silencers
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An End to Noisy Roads: Police Get Tough on Faulty Silencers and Number Plates

Hubballi: The twin city police have cracked a whip on the motorists riding bikes without number plates, defective silencers, and defective number plates.

The police launched a drive against this; they fined three motorists riding with defective silencers and collected a fine of Rs 1,500 from them.

The police found 37 riders with defective number plates and levied a fine of Rs 18,500. They also found 79 people riding the bikes without number plates and collected a fine of Rs 39,500.

Police Commissioner Raman Gupta stated that this drive would continue every day and urged people to ride their bikes while wearing helmets and carrying all necessary documents, and those riding without number plates or defective silencers to correct them immediately.

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