Functioning free muscle transfer (FFMT) first of its kind surgery performed by Hubballi’s plastic surgeons in North Karnataka


Hubballi: In North Karnataka, we see many brachial plexus injuries because of the high number of road accidents. Many of these patients end up consulting neurosurgeons because they think it’s a neurological problem, which is true, but many patients are not aware that such brachial plexus microsurgeries are mainly done by plastic surgeons.

 By the way, a brachial plexus injury refers to damage to the nerves that supply the entire upper limb. These nerves exit beneath the clavicle; any injury caused in a road accident resulting in clavicle fracture and underlying nerve injury (brachial plexus) will cause a complete or partial loss of upper limb function, with patients unable to flex elbow or fingers or lift the shoulder.

Such cases need meticulous examination and planning before surgery, which only a plastic surgeon can do.

If the patient presents early (within 3 months of injury), micro neurosurgery through nerve transfers or repair can produce good results.

If the patient presents late (after a year), free muscle transfer can be used to reconstruct.

Earlier, such cases were referred to Bangalore because no surgeons were doing brachial plexus reconstruction surgeries in and around Hubballi.

Dr. Arun Jeedi, a plastic and reconstructive micro neurosurgeon has extensive training in nerve reconstructive surgery. Meticulous planning, great execution of surgical skills, and excellent results matter most for these brachial plexus reconstructions to give a near-normal hand function, he said.

Dr. Arun Jeedi and Dr. Kishore Ballari performed the first such surgery in Hubballi at Shivakrupa Hospital under the supervision of Dr Suresh Duggani.

A young male patient who is the only breadwinner for his family developed a complete brachial plexus injury a year ago. Dr. Arun Jeedi and Dr. Kishore Ballari both performed an eight-hour surgery on this patient, performing functioning free muscle transfer (gracillis muscle transfer for finger flexion) for hand function.

 Presently, the patient is doing well and recovering; full function is expected after six months’ duration.

 Such surgeries are done by reconstructive plastic surgeons worldwide, and Dr Arun Jeedi and Dr. Kishore Ballari both urge the people of North Karnataka to avail of this facility with them for good results.

 Both plastic surgeons practise in Hubballi. Dr. Arun Jeedi will be available at Recon Plastic Surgery Clinic, Marvel Signet, and Shirur Park. And Dr. Kishore Ballary will be available at Suchirayu Hospital.

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