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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Hubballi: No one can win elections just by speeches, Congress leader Siddaramaiah targets Modi


Hubballi: Congress leader Siddarmaiah, slammed Prime Minister Modi and stated that the Congress party was not frightened of Modi and his speeches

Speaking to reporters in Hubballi on Thursday, the Leader of the Opposition said “Actually, the BJP leaders are concerned about me because I criticise the RSS and speak the truth.” “Will Narendra Modi do Maya Mantra?” Nobody can win elections solely through speeches. Ultimately, the people decide the outcome of any election, he said, adding that the BJP is a falsehood factory that speaks lies hundreds of times to make them true.

Siddaramiah accused State BJP leaders of forcing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lie about the issuance of title papers to nomads in North Karnataka.

When he was chief minister, he made extensive preparations, including changes to the Land Reforms Act and the Forest Act, to transform Lambani hamlets and Hattis into revenue villages. He left the office just as they were preparing to deliver the title deeds to the people of these hamlets.

He questioned the BJP leaders about their actions over the previous three and a half years and said that as the election drew near, they were now misleading the prime minister and projecting that they did it. However, the public will recognise the BJP leader’s deception and and decide their fate in the upcoming assembly election.

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