Hubballi: Mayor Anchatgeri will hold a meeting today to discuss the drinking water crisis


Hubballi: The Hubballi-Dharwad twin cities are facing a drinking water problem well ahead of summer. In many areas, residents are seen thronging drinking water units established by the HDMC to fetch water for drinking purposes.

On Sunday, in many areas, water was supplied through tankers. In many areas, protests erupted as people did not get water for a week.

AAP party leader Vikas Soppin said that the twin cities are facing a water crisis just because of the maladministration of the local government. They handed over the water supply responsibility to L & T, but they failed to perform the task. He urged the authority to immediately fix the problem.

Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri told that the problem arose due to pipe bursts in a few areas. The teams are fixing the problem. He said he would be convening a meeting with the L&T and KUIDFC officials in this regard. The problem would be solved in a few days. Once this problem was solved, it would not arise again, he said.

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