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June 2023

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Hubballi man faces Rs 17,500 fine for multiple traffic rule violations

Hubballi-Dharwad PoliceNorth Traffic Police showing traffic challan (FILE PHOTO FOR REPRESENTATION PURPOSE ONLY)

Hubballi: If you roam in the city on your motorbike without wearing a helmet, then think twice; you may escape the eyes of the police but not from the cameras installed by the cops. The ANPR cameras catch your offence and generate a bill for the offence.

A city resident was fined Rs 17,500 on Friday for multiple traffic violations. North Traffic ASI Ramjanbi Alagawadi and Police Constable Chavan were on routine duty near the Harsha Hotel in Shirur Park when they noticed this man on a Pulsar bike. They stopped, and the staff entered the number of the vehicle to check the pending fines; they found the man had committed multiple traffic violations and did not pay the fine.

He had broken traffic rules 23 times, the majority of the time while riding his bike without a helmet. The man was identified as Mohammad Rafiq Gudgeri. His first offence was in 2017, and to date, he has violated traffic rules 23 times, according to the police.

The North Traffic Inspector told that the cops have generated the fine challan and the motorist yet to pay it. He requested that the public pay the fine if they have received fine notices; otherwise, it would be difficult for them to pay the amount for multiple offences at once.

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