Hubballi: Mahila Congress demands Modi to reach the venue via “Orphan Road”


Hubballi: Mahila Congress workers staged a protest on Anand Nagar Main Road, which the residents claim is “Orphan Road,” demanding to repair it. The road, which has been in a pathetic condition for the one last year, is neglected by the local elected representatives.

Congress party workers led by former corporator Deepa Gouri raised slogans against the BJP government and HDMC for failing to repair the road. They drew the rangoli on the badly damaged road, welcoming Modi.

Speaking to reporters, Deepa Gouri urged the Prime Minister to change his route to reach Railway Ground and demanded he to use Anand Nagar main road, so that the authorities at least repair this road temporarily.

She said that the entire Anand Nagar and surrounding area residents are facing problems because of this bad road. She claimed that people in the area suffer from frequent allergies, colds, and coughs because of the dust emitting from the damaged road.

This road has become Anaath (Orphan) as no one bothers to develop it. It is being months since the potholed road was dug up for repair and kept as it is. “Hundreds of road users use this road to reach Gokul Road and Indipump, but the authorities turned a blind eye to this problem,” said Deepa.

If the elected representatives use this road at least once a month, they would come to know how horrible the road is, she said.

Many protests were held; requests were made to the local government, but the condition of the road remained as it is, said local residents. They demanded that the road at least now be repaired and provide relief to the residents.

Many residents expressed their anger, and they said that they were waiting to teach a lesson to the elected representatives in the Assembly election.

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