Hubballi: KIMS doctors harvest liver and kidney from a brain-dead patient

KIMS doctors carrying the harvested liver which was airlifted to Bengaluru on an evening flight from Hubballi

Hubballi: For the first time, doctors at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital harvested a brain-dead patient’s liver and kidney. The hospital had performed live kidney transplants in the past, but it was the first time that they extracted the liver and kidney from a brain-dead patient.

The organ donor patient is 30 years old, from a tanda near Tadas, a factory worker. He met with an accident 3-4 days back and suffered serious head injuries. Doctors and experts have pronounced him brain dead. The team from Jeeva Sarthakate and doctors convinced the patient’s family about the medical condition, and the family members agreed to donate the organs during one of the painful events.

The patient’s liver was airlifted to Bengaluru. A green corridor was created by the Hubballi Dharwad Police for the transportation of the organ from the hospital to the airport. One kidney was transplanted into a 38-year-old male patient admitted to KIMS. The heart was not allocated, and another kidney did not match the recipients, according to KIMS Director Dr. Ramlingappa Antartani, who expressed gratitude to the patient’s family members for their noble deed.

The liver would be transplanted to a patient admitted at Aster Hospital in Bengaluru, said Dr Ramlingappa. Bengaluru Medical College was the first government medical institute to harvest the liver from a brain-dead patient, and KIMS becomes the second government-run medical institute to do this, said doctors.

Medical Superintendent Dr Arun Kumar C, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Rajashekhar Dyaberi, Nephrology department head Dr Venkatesh Moger and other doctors were present.

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