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May 2023

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Hubballi: In Sulla village, a man dies by suicide after trying to kill his wife and his three kids

CRIME 12334

Hubballi: In a horrific incident, a man tried to kill his wife and three kids in Sulla village, and later he died by suicide in the wee hours of Wednesday. The incident happened in Sulla village, within the Hubballi Rural Police Station limits.

According to the initial information, Fakirappa Madar, in an inebriated condition, tried to kill his wife Mudukkavva alias Fakiravva, and three kids (one boy and two girls) in Sulla village. The reason for this incident is not yet known.

It is said that the man allegedly attacked his wife with a hammer, and three kids who were fast asleep woke up to the noise, and he allegedly attacked the kids as well. The kids fell unconscious due to the severe blow; in this incident, Shreyas alias Mailarappa, 6, died, and two other girls, Srushti and Shayamala, suffered injuries. And, fearing consequences, he hanged himself in the house.

The neighbours who woke up to the noise knocked on the doors but did not get any response from inside. They broke into the house and found that the kids and lady were unconscious and that Fakirappa was hanging.

They immediately shifted all four injured patients to KIMS, but no update on their health condition is available as of now.

(This is breaking news; more updates will be posted soon.)

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