Hubballi: High-level technical committee to submit a report on smart city works

HDMC Mayor
HDMC office in Hubballi

Hubballi: Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri has said that a high-level technical committee has been formed to submit a report on the developmental works executed by the Hubballi-Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL).

He said the HDSCL has recently stated that they want to hand over the projects they have successfully executed to the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), but the HDSCL has so far not furnished any reply on the information sought by the HDMC in connection with the smart city works.

Mayor Anchatgeri said that the HDMC had asked the HDSCL to provide complete details about the completed and ongoing works under the smart city mission. The amount spent on each project, the deadlines for the projects, and detailed project reports of all the works, but the officials of the HDSCL failed to furnish the above-mentioned information to the civic body despite many requests, he said.

Anchatgeri said before they take over the projects from the HDSCL, it is necessary to get complete details about the project, as many media outlets, the public, and NGOs have expressed doubt that some projects completed by the HDSCL are of poor quality and not fit for public usage. If such poor-quality projects were handed over to the local government, it would be difficult for them to maintain them, he said.

The mayor said some irregularities were found in the annual audit and financial reports of the HDSCL; hence, a high-level technical committee has been formed to compile a report by gathering the complete details of the projects, checking the quality of the works, and gathering details for delays in the completion of the projects. He said the report would include detailed project reports, cost escalation reasons, original designs of the projects, and other things, and based on the report, further steps would be taken.

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