Hubballi-Dharwad politicians use autorickshaws to improve voter outreach

Congress leader Rajat Ulllagaddimath is doing aggressive campaign, he gave new covers printed his name and photo and his vision to around 2000 autorickshaws in the city

Hubballi: As the state prepares for assembly elections likely in the month of April, political parties and aspiring candidates have already launched various campaigns to reach the public. Of the many, the politicians’ favourite turned out to be the autorickshaw campaign.

Before the election code of conduct could come into force, the aspiring candidates want to reach as many voters as possible and build a brand around their names through this autorickshaw sticker campaign.

Today, one can see stickers of leaders pasted on the rexin covers of the autorickshaws, and a few leaders have replaced the old covers of the vehicles with brand new ones having their photos and vision printed on them.

The Influence 

The city’s auto rickshaws have multiplied their influence in the political parties election campaigns. As the auto-rickshaws roam the city and people can easily see the advertisement affixed on the cover, this would make the public aware of the possible candidates for their constituency from the political parties.

The candidates who got assurance from the party leadership that they would get the party ticket to contest the election are aggressively doing this campaign, and those who are aspiring to get the ticket have also resorted to this campaign.

Voters now recognise them

These autorickshaw campaigns make it easier for candidates to introduce themselves to the voters, especially young leaders aspiring to contest the poll.

In this campaign, the Congress leaders are in the lead, followed by AAP leaders; BJP candidates have yet to start this campaign.

One of the aspiring candidates told that he is getting a good response from the voters, now he hardly introduces himself to them because of this campaign. He said people have started recognizing him by his name even though he plunged into an aggressive campaign just last year.

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