Hubballi-Dharwad: Mass sterilization of stray dogs in one go might be the answer to the menace

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Hubballi: If you visit an area in the twin cities, you will find at least 4-6 stray dogs in an area. You can see more than a dozen dogs in one spot in slum areas or in old parts of the city. In the last decade, efforts by the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) to control the population of these dogs yielded hardly any results. As a result, we can see everywhere stray dogs in the twin cities.

There is no data about these dogs, and according to sources, the twin cities streets are home to about 20,000 dogs, but there is no proof for this claim. Stray dogs are responsible for the accidents happening in the Twin Cities. Stray dogs usually cross the roads running and come in front of any speeding vehicle suddenly. The abrupt and sudden entry of stray dogs onto the road has caused many accidents.

One of our readers said that “A stray dog ran in front of my fast bike a few years ago, causing a serious collision. As I tried to save the dog by rapidly using the brakes, I lost control of the bike, which skidded off, and I suffered a terrible arm fracture and was hospitalised for a month.”

Another reader wrote that he suffered an injury to his ribcage and right knee because of the dogs. He said he fell off his bike as a few dogs suddenly came in front of his bike as they were chasing another dog and his bike collided with one of the dogs. He said he was admitted to KIMS for eight days and he had a plaster on his knee for a month.

Poor waste management and insufficient sterilisation of stray dogs are some of the causes of the growing stray dog population. Managing stray dogs is not an easy affair. On the one hand, people are outraged by the growing number of stray dogs in public areas, while on the other hand, animal lovers resort to campaigns whenever the government makes proactive efforts to reduce the stray dog population, according to a senior official.

According to him, the HDMC should ensure that all strays are sterilised. We need to fund and arrange manpower or hire agencies to carry out such a campaign.

Hyderabad Model is not a solution: HDMC Commissioner

HDMC Commissioner Dr Gopal Krishna said that the Hyderbad model of controlling the stray dog menace came up for discussion at the general body meeting of the HDMC. In Hyderabad, the stray dogs were shifted to a facility where they would be in confinement and they would be provided food waste. But that model is not a solution. According to the rules, dogs can’t be shifted to another territory. One solution to the problem is to weaken the canines by starving them so that they can’t reproduce their offspring. The dogs are now getting food easily. If wet, dry, and chicken waste get proper collection and disposal, they will not get food. And HDMC is on its way to making this happen, he said.

Another solution is the sterilisation of dogs, which is happening at Itigatti by some agencies, and the HDMC is planning to increase the sterilisation rate by hiring a new agency as the existing agency, which bagged the work, its tenure is ending.


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