Hubballi-Dharwad Drinking Water Problem: Mayor Appoints Nodal Officers

Iresh Anchhatgeri
Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri (File Photo)

Hubballi: With residents in Hubballi-Dharwad facing a severe water crisis in recent days, Mayor Iresh Anchatgeri met with KUIDFC and L&T officials at the HDMC auditorium on Monday evening. Based on his suggestion, HDMC has appointed nodal officers zone-wise to address the water grievances. They requested the public to contact their respective zonal officers to raise complaints related to the drinking water supply.

HDMC has said the public should immediately contact them if they notice pipe bursts, the supply of contaminated water, or a delay in supply.

Zone 1 Fakirappa Ingalagi, 94801-79801, Zone 2- MB Sabarad-94481-03754, Zone-3 PBM Mahesh Shastri-63625-05231, Zone 4- Ramesh Nolvi 98803-71894, Zone 5-Sharanabasappa Kembhavi-8660642844, Zone 6-SC Bevur-99459-56676, Zone 7- Girish Talwar-81230-45672, Zone 8-Mallikarjun BM-80196-42908, Zone 9 Anand Kamble-86608-20945, Zone 10-BK Lamani-94487-39454
Zone 11- Manoj- 98455- 89606, Zone 12-Shankar Patil-99862-38570

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