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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Hubballi Congress leader files a complaint with the police demanding an FIR against Ashwath Narayan

Mumbai Police

Hubballi: Congress leader Girish Gadigeppa Goudar has submitted a petition with the Gokul Road police demanding that an FIR be registered against Minister CN Ashwath Narayan for his comment on former chief minister Siddaramaiah that he should be “finished off” like Tipu Sultan.

The Congress leader, who is also state president of the Siddaramaiah Fans Association, said he filed a complaint with the police, and the police should register an FIR against Ashwath Narayan for his controversial statement. If the police fail to register it, agitation will be launched.

Speaking to, the police officers said that the complaint of the Gadigeppagoudar was received, and they are communicating with the Mandya police to see if they have registered an FIR in connection with the case as the minister made the statement in Mandya; if yes, then they would transfer the case to them; if not, the next action would be mulled.

On Monday, Ashwath Narayan, addressing a gathering in Mandya, warned that if the BJP lose the Karnataka Assembly elections, then Siddaramiah, “who admires Tipu,” would come to power. “Who do you prefer: Tipu or Savarkar? What should we do with Tipu Sultan? What did Uri Gowda Nanje Gowda do? You should end him in the same manner,” he stated, according to the Indian Express.

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