Hubballi businessman illegally confines his driver’s parents 


Hubballi: A businessman kept his driver’s parents in illegal confinement for 10 days at his house’s guest room for damaging his car.

According to the police complaint, Umesh Gaddad, a resident of Shanwad village who was working as a driver for Suresh Bongeri, a businessman and resident of Sagar Colony in Keshwapur, accidentally damaged the car while taking reverse on October 28. The car’s indicator, door, and some other parts were damaged. The owner demanded that Umesh pay the bill for the damage he caused, and he did not pay the bill.

Bongeri’s help Shivu Kolli had been insisting that Umesh bear the expenses of the damage, and he was threatening him. Because of that, Umesh Gaddad quit the job, but Suresh was visiting Umesh’s house and was demanding the money.

The parents of Umesh, Basappa Gaddad, Mahadevi Gaddad, and villager Basappa Angadi went to Bongeri’s house to sort out the issue on November 2, as Shivu was troubling them repeatedly. When Umesh’s parents entered the house, Bongeri and his assistant Shivu started abusing Umesh for the damaged he caused and demanded that they pay the expenses. They pushed Basappa Angadi out of the house and kept Basappa and Mahadevi in a room of the house, according to the complaint.

Police said that Basappa Angadi and others tried to release the couple many times, but the adamant Bongeri and his aide did not listen to them. When they felt that the issue would not be resolved, they called 112, and the response team immediately went to the spot along with Keshwapur Inspector Jagdish Hanchinal, and they released the couple from confinement.

The Keshwapur police registered a case against Bongeri, Shivu, and watchman Basayya for keeping the couple in illegal confinement and threatening them. The police said that the trio got bail and were released.

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