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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Hubballi: A software engineer beaten black and blue for asking his wife to prepare Mandakki Oggarani 

Mandakki Oggarani

Hubballi: A software engineer was beaten black and blue by his in-laws in Hubballi, the incident happened in Indira Nagar near SDN School in the Kasabapeth police station limits and the reason is Mandakki Oggarani.

The man has been identified as Ravikiran, a software engineer working in Bengaluru. According to his complaint, Ravikiran paid a visit to his in-laws on February 2nd. On February 6th, he asked his wife to prepare Mandakki Oggarani, or Susla, a puffed rice upma and vada for breakfast, to which the wife replied that there were no ingredients to prepare it.”Is it appropriate to speak to him in this manner?” he inquired. For just asking the question, his law began to beat him, he said in the complaint.

The man suffered injuries in the incident, and he claimed that he had gone to KIMS Hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered and mentioned a reason for turning up late at the station.

The software engineer’s in-laws also filed a case against him, claiming that he scolded his wife and began beating her while she was serving him breakfast, and when the in-laws went to pacify him, he started abusing them and beating them, and the in-laws claimed that the software engineer threatened them.

Hubballi: The rape incident came to the fore when the victim became pregnant.

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