HRSA skaters excel in the Dharwad District Roller Skating Championship


Hubballi: The eighth Dharwad District Roller Skating Championship and selection trails were held at Hubballi Glasshouse skating rink recently. And in the event, Hubballi Roller Skating Academy’s 67 skaters participated and skaters from the academy grabbed 116 medals. They have 48 medals in Speed Quad, 34 medals in Speed Inline, 3 medals in Roller Hockey, and 30 medals in Basic Inline.

As many as 30 skaters have been selected for the upcoming 38th State Roller Skating Championship 2022, which will be held in October, and the skaters are being trained under the guidance of skating coach Akshay Suryawanshi. The Hubballi Roller Stating Academy members and parents congratulated the skaters on their accomplishments.

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