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How can women give their career the dedication it deserves?

Prof Priyanka 123

By Prof.Priyanka Richard

Women’s work-life balance is most important for working moms. There are only so many hours in the day, after all. How do we give our career the dedication it deserves, and still spend quality time without kids? How do women juggle both work and home? How do women make it work? Such a tedious question, but we, being the greatest women, have to face the fact of working and living steadily.

Women’s roles in the workplace have changed dramatically in the last several decades, with many more women and mothers working outside of the home. Every change in women’s lives is due to families, the increased need for dual incomes, but also because many women can and want to have careers. Yet many work environments continue to operate as though one parent is at home, and top employees are expected to prioritize work over all else as an ideal work who very well knows how to prioritize it.

While there has been some progress in workplaces, many women, as well as men, still struggle to make work fit with their lives. In addition, work-life balance has become increasingly important to every individual as we are no longer willing to sacrifice our personal lives until it is the time to retire.

Few changes Maintaining a work-life balance won’t be impossible for working women, keeping the mornings light with properly planned homework from the previous night. A family calendar includes all family members’ tasks for the day and their activities. This can help to spend quality time and ensure we spend lots of time with our families.

Women have to be very good communicators in acknowledging help because they alone can’t handle every situation and can’t do it all alone. Our daily chores need our friends and partners to give us a hand to help us always. We need to divide our tasks so sensitively so that the lady doesn’t feel dreadful when she is back. It is good to keep the communication lines open with superiors at the workspace and with our subordinates.

If she finds it difficult to handle work and home, they can help out by keeping work hours flexible. This would be the best way to come to the office with a related fresh mind after taking care of household matters. Spending quality time and space with family is of utmost importance., Small things give us great happiness, like breakfasts/dinners/teatimes. Planning a short weekend will be great to relax with the kids and spouse. Self-care too is more important; it gives you some life, laughter /romance and care. After hours of working, it is important to unwind with reading, exercising, painting and getting indulged in some hobbies so that these will also help us maintain some productivity and efficiency.

No matter so, from my newfound sanity to yours, life isn’t always easy, but there are always things we can do to lighten our load, if only a little, take it day by day. Women help to transform bold insights into big ideas. Women should be women’s priority first, never stop for anything small, dream big be immense.!

Prof Priyanka Richard is Head Of Department -BBA in Global College Hubballi


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