Hotel Manager Allegedly Kills Wife, Tries to Project it As Accident; Nabbed

Panajim: The manager of an upscale hotel in South Goa, Gaurav Katiyar, has been apprehended on charges of murdering his wife, Diksha Gangwar. The 29-year-old suspect allegedly drowned his 27-year-old wife at Cabo de Rama Beach in Goa following a confrontation about his purported extramarital affair, as revealed by authorities on Saturday.

Gaurav, employed as a manager at a luxury hotel affiliated with Marriott International in Colva, South Goa, initially attempted to portray his wife’s death as an accident. However, his deception unraveled when a bystander’s video exposed the truth.

Both Gaurav and Diksha hailed from Lucknow and had been married for a year. Despite the relatively short duration of their marriage, their relationship was reportedly strained, exacerbated by Gaurav’s alleged infidelity.

The tragic incident transpired around 3:45 pm on Friday when Katiyar took his wife for a stroll on the beach near his workplace. Choosing a rocky area of the beach, he purportedly drowned her in the sea. Tourists witnessing the couple entering the water raised an alarm upon seeing Gaurav returning alone.

When confronted, Katiyar attempted to create confusion and pass off the crime as an accidental occurrence. However, the police discovered Gangwar’s body near the popular beach that same Friday afternoon, noting injury marks on her body.

The unfolding investigation points to a disturbing tale of marital discord, betrayal, and a tragic end at the scenic Cabo de Rama Beach in Goa.

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