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May 2023

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Hospital declares alive baby dead, probe on

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Hapur, 9 May (HS): An inquiry has been initiated after a premature-born infant was pronounced dead and dumped into a garbage can shortly after birth at a private hospital here, only to be discovered alive by the family.

Abdul Bhatin, the infant boy’s father, stated, “Our boy was born five months premature. We were told that he died and was tossed into a dumpster, where he lay for hours. He was only given over to us covered in a sheet after repeated demands. We were surprised to see the baby’s hands twitch moments before the burial and hurried him to a neighbouring hospital, where physicians referred him to a higher medical institute in Meerut.”
When Nazma Khan, 38, went to the doctor at the Hapur hospital on Sunday, she complained of stomach pain, and a top doctor advised her to have the baby right away.

Her sixth kid, a male, was born after five daughters. “My child was thrown in the trash,” Nazma, who is in the hospital, stated. There was no one from the health department there to pick him up. The infant was already dead, according to doctors.” “On our way to the burial ground, we were all surprised to find the ‘dead’ child breathing,” Momina continued. The kid is presently being treated at a separate hospital, and his mother has not yet been discharged from the Hapur hospital.”

“We have ordered a team from the district health department to investigate the matter,” Hapur chief medical officer Dr Sunil Kumar Tyagi said. “If the private hospital is determined to be guilty, action will be taken,” he added.

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