Horrific incident: Man captures wife’s attempt to die by suicide, doesn’t save her


In an unusual and tragic occurrence in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a husband filmed his wife attempting to hang herself and later gave the footage to her family after she committed suicide.

The deceased is Shobita, and her husband, Sanjay Gupta, captured Shobita’s attempt to hang herself. They were married for four years.

Sanjay Gupta allegedly captured Shobita attempting to hang herself from the fan above her bed while wrapping a noose around her neck.

Even when she appears to be about to do something extreme, Sanjay Gupta never tries to stop her. He is overheard saying: “Great. This is your mindset. You have a really negative attitude. ” After that, Shobita unties the noose. However, it is unknown what transpired next.

Shobita’s father, Raj Kishore Gupta, claimed that his son-in-law called him on Tuesday to inform him that she had committed herself.

When her family members came to her house in a rush, Sanjay Gupta looked to be administering CPR while her body lay on the bed.

Sanjay Gupta claimed to have saved her on her first attempt and displayed the video he had filmed to his in-laws.

“Instead of taking her to the hospital, we observed him pumping her chest. He (Sanjay) gave us a video in which she admitted to attempting suicide before, ” NDTV quoted Raj Kishore Gupta. Shobita was eventually brought to the hospital, and the doctors declared her dead on arrival.

Police are investigating the role of Sanja Gupta in her death.

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